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I was first asked to work with Diogo and Ly Ann back when the concept of Blue Rose was an abstract piece that took place inside a man’s head. Back then we had an inkling of an idea about location and about costume: nightclubs and suits. This was a fantastic place for me to start since it’s such a focused yet wide area, and the abstract nature of the film allowed me to explore every aspect of what different suits or designs of nightclubs could achieve in terms of tone of the film. It was around the time that I was constructing the design of a set that our concept changed.

Instead of an abstract piece it became a revenge thriller story and it wasn’t entirely set in a nightclub. Removing the abstract aspect was difficult as it meant that I had to adapt pieces that didn’t entirely make sense in a realistic context. While frustrating at first, this proved to be for the better as it meant that I started with the grand idea and had to narrow it down; much like whittling down a block of wood into a sculpture. By the end of it I had a concept where I could point to every part of it and explain why I did it, based off the research I had done for the prior film.

Working with such a wonderful crew had many major benefits as well, I could ask for opinions on a piece and work closely with the crew on ideas and designs that would benefit each area of filmmaking. On the other hand, I was also given free reign to do research and return with my own ideas. As the project adapted and we managed to secure locations, it was exciting to see the props that I had gathered and even made in some cases fill the area and start to construct a location that characters could live and thrive in. Of course, it couldn’t have been completed without the wonderful actors to make the characters come to life and the fantastic crew to capture them in their space and narrative.

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