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Blue Rose has been quite the learning experience for me, I have been surrounded by this amazing team for around a year now working on this project and I have learned so much on the way. For my final University project, I decided to take what I had learned from my previous focus at university, film journalism, and throw myself into the new role my course was offering, Research and Publicity. I am so happy that I decided to make that choice.

It has been a challenging journey so far, but I am grateful for what these challenges have taught me. The biggest hurdle that I had to jump during this last year was transitioning from our old script and project into Blue Rose. As a researcher and publicist on a film a lot of your work goes into the preproduction, planning social media campaigns, working with graphic designers, researching audiences and a lot more. When you change the script and themes of a film all this work goes out the window. However, surprisingly I am so grateful this happened and Blue Rose was born. I got the rare opportunity to learn from my mistakes and do the work again to a higher standard and we also got this amazing project from the ashes of our old one.

I have had the pleasure to work with many talented people during my time on Blue Rose, but I have not collaborated with anyone nearly as much as I have with our producer, Ly Ann. Our two roles are so tightly intertwined that it often felt that I was her personal assistant, designing social media and Kickstarter campaigns together and arguing about what to post on our Instagram. This collaboration has taught me how vital a good producer is to any film project, without a strong head to lead a project it is doomed to fail.

I also want to give a shout out to our amazing graphic designer, Dorian Pironneau, I have been able to work with him on our old project as well as throughout Blue Rose. I often get complimented on Blue Rose’s social media pages as the publicist, but without Dorian I would not have been able to create what we did. His natural eye for graphic design as well as his ability to translate our visions and ideas into amazing graphics was an irreplaceable part of my work this year.

Overall, I have loved working on Blue Rose and with the team what we built. I have not had many opportunities to work on films during my time at university but Blue Rose has made up for all the modules I chose to do something else, both in its work load and the experiences I gained. I have grown closer with and formed both professional and personal relationships with many of our amazing crew and the project that we have made after all this work makes it truly worth it.

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