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Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Not going to lie, this was some experience. I couldn't be prouder of my team (cast & crew) and what we have achieved in such a short amount of time. All the effort and changes that occurred throughout the whole production process has been for the greater of the film. If you haven't already read through each stage in the other tabs, go check out what I wrote; most of what I documented stays true to what happened on-set as well as my feelings about what I would do in hindsight.

Overall I would say the most challenging part of this production for myself was letting go of all the work we did prior to Blue Rose. For me, 'When an Angel Falls' taught me more of an important lesson; that is to not continue doing something just because you've already invested so much time and effort, but instead to let it go for the greater good of the bigger goal one is achieving - producing the best film I can! Furthermore, I can say that by doing 'When an Angel Falls', not only did I get to connect with my crew on a more personal level but it was also good practice for us to see how we would work together as a crew. As we worked through the process, we became a family, which in perspective made our productivity and trust on set for 'Blue Rose' that much easier.

Additionally I learnt that having the right cast makes such a difference! For me, although the casting process was long, it was well worth it! Isabel, Ashely and Adam portrayed our characters exactly how we imagined them. I was very confident that they could pull off these ambitious roles; especially since they were all so passionate - even before filming; just being in contact with each of them, I could tell immediately that they understood their characters. I am so grateful and can't imagine what we would have done without their amazing talent and incredible patience with us.

As you can see from the photo below, I was in awe of what we achieved. I knew going into this it would be my most challenging and ambitious script to produce, but i'm happy to say that i'm still alive and learnt a lot from this experience. So 'Thank You' to everyone involved, I couldn't have done this without you're support and dedication!

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