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It all started a year ago when I went to Ly Ann with an idea for a new film. We were just finishing our previous project and were excited to start developing a new one where we could apply all the lessons we had learned. We quickly put together a crew made up of talented friends we knew we could trust to make a great film with us and for about 6 months I worked on the script with the help of the entire crew, getting feedback after each draft. However, something always seemed to be missing and around the end of September I went to see one of our lecturers and thanks to his advice, the film took on quite a different direction. This was a bit of a rocky period where there was a natural feeling of frustration, but we managed to find the strength to carry on and it was an essential experience that benefited the film tremendously.

In the space of three months we had to do the work we had been doing for the past six months plus all the steps that would come after. I had to write at a much faster pace but the feedback process remained the same with all the crew members giving their insight and helping the film being as good as it could be. There are a few elements of the film that I think were a clear step up from our previous work, which are production design, cinematography and the cast.

Kirstyn was one of the first people who we got involved and her hard work completely proved that choice to be right and the production value she gave the film is impressive. Kennet was the first person I met from our course when I first came to England and we’ve been working together for two and a half years now. I believe that camaraderie and friendship beyond our professional lives really elevated the film as well as his outstanding dedication to the craft and the film itself, which allowed us to achieve a visual quality far above any other film I have directed. I’d also like to give a big shout out to Charlie and Hugo for their brilliant work in the camera crew. Without you guys it would have been impossible to achieve the quality we did.

The cast was formidable. Ly Ann narrowed down the audition tapes before she showed them to me and I can say she did a phenomenal job. Isabel, Adam and Ashley were all fantastic on and off set. They were friendly, fun and professional and the dedication and passion they brought to the film were honestly beautiful and an unforgettable experience for me. I really hope I can work with them in the future as I believe we could make great things together.

Finally, I’d just like to say a big thank you to everyone in the crew as they were all fantastic and unstoppable. I can’t wait to carry on with post-production which thanks to Sam and his hard work has not stopped during these complicated times.

I could not end this without thanking Ly Ann for everything she has done for me and the film, this film would simply not exist without her.

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